Construction Services in Kildare

Construction Services in Kildare

Seamus Foy & Sons Building Contractors Ireland

Construction services in Kildare by Seamus Foy and Sons Building Contractors add great value and dimension to your existing property, whether it is residential or commercial. Choosing us for building your restaurant or hotel, home or apartment complex, club or office, will prove beneficial to your business or life since we are honest, offer latest trends and services; have experienced staff and many other reasons. If you feel unsure about us, you can go through the testimonials given by our previous clients to see what they had to say about us. You are also most welcome to take a look at the photos of our previous works on our website.

In fact, when you visit our office in Kildare, you can ask for our catalogue to see the photos of the work we have done before and we will more than glad to show you the same. We boast of our honesty since it is really difficult to find a company which offers rightful services on fixed deadlines without any hidden costs in today’s competitive market. However, this is our secret of lasting for more than 30 years in this field with the blessings and good wishes of our clients.

We are Licensed and ISO Certified in Kildare, Ireland

Seamus Foy and Sons Building Contractors is a licensed organization and all our services are ISO guaranteed. Our team of tradesmen are dedicated and work towards the fulfilment of your dreams regarding a home. Our work means excellent standards and perfect finishes which are likely to startle you. Through our diligent work and constant endeavour towards excellence, we have gained the membership of various guilds and organisations such as Home Bond, National Guild of Master Craftsmen, and Construction Industry Federation.

Our work includes an extensive area of home and house renovations, remodelling and construction. We take up works of both residential and commercial nature and deal with both with equal seriousness and hard work.

We provide home extensions, renovations, conservatories, ceiling and wall repairing, floor repairing, bathroom repairing, kitchen remodelling, painting, roofing, concrete work and much more. You can come to our office directly or contact us through phone or email. We are available on 7 days of the week to meet you and discuss your plans regarding a house. We welcome plans from the client’s end and also provide one from our side if asked for. Our first quotation is offered for free and contains all details regarding the prospective construction.

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Clonmore, Fahy, Rhode, Co Offaly
Contact: 353 046 9739171 / 087 2868700