Having trouble working with your present building contractor? Want to sign a contract with a new one? Well, then you need to approach the situation carefully. A wrong step here can easily lead to bitterness, not to mention legal hassles. Even if you have an attorney to advise you on the proper procedure towards changing your building contractor, here are a few tips to help smoothen the process further.


1. Do not fire your present contractor just like that, no matter how angry you might be with them at the moment. It is in your best interest to keep the separation amicable, even if you have decided never to work with them again. Sit down with them and find out how much payment is due on your part, including the prices of materials that the contractor might have already paid for.

2. If you have set up a separate bank account to pay for construction and material costs, be sure to call up your banker and freeze it immediately, so that the contractor cannot withdraw any more money from there. You can pay separately for the materials that the contractor has already bought, once you receive a detailed bill on those. Protecting your money from being bled out by your ex-contractor is the last thing you need to see happen right now.

3. Hiring a new, reputed building contractor will not be difficult, provided all paperwork is done properly. However, make it a point to be a little more careful when choosing the contractor this time around. You do not want your home remodeling or construction project to frequently switch hands. That can reduce the quality of work to a large extent.

Switching the contractor for your new home building or renovation project will not be a difficult task, considering you have plenty of reputed building contractors in Midlands area. Just be sure not to leave loopholes open in the paperwork with the last contractor, and everything should be just fine.