If you have a small house, then intelligently using maximum amount of available space is an absolute necessity. Also, making house extension can be a good idea, as it can make more space available for usage. Here are 5 ideas that can help you get more space out of your old home, by actually doing very little.

1. Install pull out shelves below cabinets and the kitchen island. Not only will these look stylish, but will also give you space for storing items. For instance, pull out shelves under the kitchen cabinets or island let you store cutlery and kitchen napkins, among other knickknacks.


2. Put up wall cabinets to store items of any kind, from books to art pieces. Be sure to use sliding glass doors in the cabinets, so that their contents are clearly visible from the outside. You can also display your wine collection in there, especially if you happen to have some vintage bottles handy.

3. Build a mini refrigerator within your kitchen island, so that you can store additional food and beverages in there. This will help you keep food close to hand and also save space in your main refrigerator for vegetables and meat.

4. Build shelves into the bottom or sides of the stairs, to display your collection of books there. This will help you utilise a lot of space that would otherwise be wasted.

5. If there is a lot of unused space under the stairs, you can build a cozy little nook in there to curl up with a good book. Install a lamp to the side and be sure to keep plenty of cushions handy for extra comfort.

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