There are varied reasons to redesign your home with a home extension, including a ground floor restroom or bed room for the grown up kid, to making a den for when your guests and family visits or including a studio ideal for unwinding and lounging in summer. Adding to your property is often a big decision in any case, and there are a lot of things to think seriously about before laying the first stone.



As soon as the labourers appear at your home furnished with drills and stepping stools, your neighbours will be imagining future disturbances like being woke up on Sunday mornings by the construction chaos. As a result, they may not feel as good as you are about the new expansion you have planned. It is thus, a part of your duty to warn them is advance about your plans. It is better that you take them well in confidence by letting them know the inevitable reasons for taking this decision of home extension and your advance apologies for the disturbance that may experience. Try scheduling the construction work within 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. so that the maximum work is done within the office hours to minimize the disturbance.


Check whether your plan fits with the present design of the house and abstain from going excessively stylish. Remember that a “fad” is always temporary, what might look “cool” this year, might seem outlandish the next. So it is better that you do not go overboard with your innovation and stay balanced with the feasibility. Likewise, it is also important to consider the theme and ambience of your locality and the neighbouring houses while planning an extension. An ostentatious addition may make your house more of an eye sore in a quiet, timid neighbourhood consisting mainly of small and simple houses. A suitable extension not only will make your neighbours happy but also adds on to the value of your house.


Before you start on with your home extension construction, find out whether you need any permission for it. If it is required, start preparing the necessary documents, find out from the building commission site about their regulations, and the application fees.


It is important that you let your insurer know about your extension plans, as the value of the house is bound to increase than what it is till now. If any accidents occur during the construction phase and your insurer is not aware of it, you may not be eligible for any compensation.
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