Considering to renovate your home? An extension or a remodelling? Finding a good building contractor is important to get the work done smoothly without major disasters. Before finding a contractor you have to do some homework yourself. This will not only get the work done efficiently but will help you avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Before deciding on a building contractor, you need to know the scope of your work. The complexity of the project decides the contractor you appoint. You may hire a:


    • General Contractor– They manage all the facets of construction. From appointing subcontractors, supervising their work, handling finances, managing materials, getting necessary permits and permissions and scheduling necessary inspections etc.
    • Specialty Contractor– They only deal with building and installing certain items. Like a roof contractor, or a cabinet contractor, their scope of job is limited and much specified.
    • Architect– They help in designing a home, extensions and planning any major renovations that involve structural changes. A residential architect will also help you through the construction phase if you need professional monitoring.
    • Designer– A designer contractor designs a project and help in building one.


Do ample research

A local building contractor will have local clients, ask around. Words of mouth matters the most. Ask your friends and family if they have any known contractor and is happy working with him.

Check sites for review and ratings

A reputed building contractor will have his site on reliable website for contractors. Check on the ratings, it will give you some idea about their previous customers and their satisfaction.

Check their experience

An established company will obviously have the experience to handle your project efficiently. They will also have a record of previous work done.

Check their qualification and license

Find out from your local council whether you need a licensed building contractor in your area. If the regulation requires a certified and registered contractor, make sure to appoint one, to avoid future litigations.

Get the estimates

When you have shortlisted a few building contractors, get written estimates from all of them. Do not make your choice on the basis of the lowest rate. Ask ample questions to find out the reasons and justifications of low and high rates. Balance the pros and cons before deciding.

Understand the payment terms

Sign a written contract ensuring the payment terms and schedules. The contract should also contain the scope of the work in details, the name of the subcontractors involved, the estimated time of completion, the insurance coverage and the contractor’s obligations.

Make sure that your chosen building contractor is able to understand you and is comfortable and courteous. You will find many reliable building contractors in Dublin, choose one who makes you relax and is sincerely interested in your project.

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