A construction company is generally a one stop organization that meets all your home building needs. They manage the building tasks from its initial stage through its completion. They deal with all the phases of your building venture that includes getting building grants, enlisting and additionally monitoring and supervising subcontractors, work with planners and designers and book timely inspections.


It is essential to remember that, not all construction companies are the same. Here are few tips for selecting the right construction company for you:

  1. Request the company for its official paperwork and reports and also their portfolio mentioning their previous experience. A reputed company that is honest and professional should have all its papers (bills, estimates, contracts etc.) documented neatly.
  2. Know how good the company is, in handling correspondence. Take a chance in calling them and check their promptness and courteousness. All project need a construction company that can be communicated easily and promptly. The attentiveness of the company reflects its dedication and commitment.
  3. Inquire as to whether they are presently involved in any rebuilding or construction project. If they are, ask whether you can survey the site. Check with the owner of the site and the workmen to find out their satisfaction working with the firm.
  4. Verify if the construction company is insured, so that the workers and your site is covered from risks during the construction phase. This will protect you from any future obligation, in case of any unprecedented occurrence during construction.

When you have selected a suitable construction company, be clear of your desires and be straightforward about your budget. Consistent correspondence is important between the two parties for complete and clear awareness. Make sure to get your requirements clear across, and preferably in written. This ensures that any missing phase can easily be traced and so can any unwanted manipulation. Do not pay a huge sum in advance, instead maintain a steady installments of payments to keep on a steady smoothness of work.

Ensure a written contract that includes:

  • Detailed scope of the project, including the measurement, material, cost and estimated date of completion.
  • Read through the contract to understand the terms and conditions, clear any doubts, make sure that you understand the warranties.
  • Make sure your chosen construction company is licensed, certified under the name mentioned in the contract to avoid any dubious situation.

There are several construction companies in Ireland, choose one that meets your requirement and needs, and can complete the project well within your budget.

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