Are you bored of your kitchen? Are you avoiding a renovation because of scary expenditures? The good news is, you can get the kitchen of your dreams without burning a hole in your pocket!

Skim through the following tips and modernize your kitchen with a few clever and creative touches!


* Colour adds life. You can paint up a storm in your kitchen as per your mood or home Improvement!


* When you choose your paint, try to get the semi-gloss or satin paint because they are easy to apply and easier to clean!


* Windows are often over-looked, they happen to play an important role in kitchen decor. You could fix washable roller-blind on the window; It preserves your privacy and allows diffused natural light to come inside simultaneously.
* You could also consider getting aluminum or painted timber blinds and they are very easy to maintain too.


* You don’t need to replace your entire cabinet. Re-line the front door or replace the door with any modern chic material.
* For an industrial look, revamp your doors in stainless steel.


* One of the smartest ways of spicing up your kitchen is by getting new cabinet handles.
* From stainless steel and brass to classy porcelain, your options are innumerable!


* Splash-backs are a great place to get all creative. They are placed behind stove-tops to protect your kitchen wall from regular grease and grime.
* Splash-back materials must be non-porous, non-flammable and easy to wipe down.
* You can improvise and innovate on the type of flashback you desire- get a specially-hardened glass which can be lined with a wallpaper or back-painted with lot of colours; you could also blow up a digital family photo and lay it onto the clear glass.


* Although a kitchen must be well lit, you must observe the functionality of each lighting present in you kitchen.
* Create a mood wherever you want by fixing up dimmers above eating spots if you have an eat-in kitchen.
* Opt for clip-on lights beneath wall cabinets and strong lights above sink and around work areas.